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Serendipity Quilts

Save those scraps! Discover the joy and freedom of creating collage-style quilts without rules and measurements. Get hands-on instruction from an award-winning artist who believes creating with your instincts will produce gorgeous results every time.  In this guide to free-spirited fabric collage, Susan Carlson begins by chronicling her struggles to achieve a less restricted approach in her work. She proceeds to share the discoveries that transformed her technique through a series of projects (each accompanied by a pattern) that increase in difficulty, gradually acclimatizing the reader to her unique method of quilt construction. The first project is a simple spiral quilt, constructed using the essential components of Carlson's approach: drawing an underlying image, selecting fabrics, and gluing them in place. More complex projects include a sun and moon portrait, a beta fish design, and a mandala quilts. Carlson's instructions go far beyond methodical, step-by-step directions as she includes anecdotes about her personal experiences, design advice, and ideas for how to make your collaged quilts unique. The artist's gallery at the end of the book, full of vibrantly colorful quilts inspired by a wide variety of subjects (from freshly caught fish to smiling pumpkins and beetles), will undoubtedly inspire you to loosen up your collage approach as well.